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One of Canada's premier conferences on post-secondary education.

The Higher Education Summit explores the major issues of the day and the challenges facing educators, governments, business leaders and others. This year's conference took place Nov. 23 and 24 in Toronto.


Chris Hadfield
After blasting off from Kazakhstan in December 2012, Col. Chris Hadfield became a worldwide sensation, harnessing the power of social media to make outer space accessible to millions. Now safely back on Earth, he continues to bring the glory of science and space travel to everyone he encounters.
Jean Chrétien
The former prime minister of Canada served in public life for more than 40 years. Starting as an MP in the Pearson government, he went on to lead three majority governments. His government eliminated the deficit in the 1990s and brought in the Clarity Act, which has been a model for other countries.
Sally Armstrong Sally Armstrong
Human rights activist, journalist and award-winning author Sally Armstrong has covered stories about women and girls in zones of conflict all over the world. From Bosnia and Somalia to Rwanda and Afghanistan, her eyewitness reports have earned her many prestigious awards.
Paula Todd Paula Todd
Investigative journalist and bestselling author Paula Todd's newest book, Extreme Mean, looks at the lives that have been torn apart by online hostility and aggression. Todd is also a lawyer and a professor of broadcast, print and digital journalism at Seneca College in Toronto.
Jer Thorp
Jer Thorp is an expert on big data whose work focuses on adding meaning to data. His software-based art has been featured all over the world. He was a major contributor to the 9/11 memorial project and is a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Design & Innovation.
Tony Wagner
Tony Wagner currently serves as the expert in residence at Harvard University’s new innovation lab. His latest book, Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World, explores what must be done to help young people become innovators.

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